About us

We are the team of few colleagues who work together on various projects regarding the internet since 2008. We keep our spirit strong, friendships tight and dedication focused.

Our goal and dedication

Our mission on the web Torrentproviders.com is to use our skills and expertise in gathering information about various cloud torrent providers and online cloud torrent services and invest our free time in their extensive testing.

We are working on this intensively since 2018 because the market is evolving very rapidly. Our output is to provide to the public detailed reviews about abovementioned services, in an honest, raw and unbiased form, so the users around the world can navigate their decisions with ease and confidence.

Pillars of our focus:


We do not base our reviews on ads or affiliated services. We put into them our sweat of real experience. This concept works best in the long run and is the core principle we are returning the attention to, in order for the information flood on the internet to become clear and objective again.


We are very aware of the responsibility in the task we accepted to fulfil. We create trust in the reviewed services and shape public opinion. Therefore we are committed to being focused on the end-user, unbiased and as objective and data-based as possible. It is our inner unwritten codex of ethics to stay clear of any affiliation, advertisement or third-party collaboration.


We are diligent writers who put the services under vast testing, but we process this massive amount of data in such a way that breaks down these hard-to-understand topics into comprehensive, structured and simple reviews as well as and sorts the quality and creates a ranking system of these services.