This post's average rating is: 4 is an internet-based application that downloads torrents on your behalf to your cloud. In this review, you will be presented with its pros and cons, and you will have all the knowledge and information for your decision if you should use them or not. is an older project, but it is still considered as a startup, whose core value is the privacy of its users. You can see how much Bitport stresses your privacy by all the layers of encryption that Bitport has. This company works from the Czech Republic.

Now, you will be presented with all core features of their service, with all their integrations and their premium plans.

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Dashboard, Login and everything

Firstly, you will need only email and password for the creation of your account at Bitport. During registration, you will have the option to chose a premium or free version. Premium ones will be redirected to payment options. Free ones will be asked to confirm their account with a link that is sent to your email. You will wait only a few seconds for a confirmation email, which is something you would like. Alternatively, you can use your Facebook account as a way of registration to Bitport.  

After successful registration, you will see your dashboard for the first time. It is possible here to use everything that Bitport offers, and it is not confusing to use. You can access this dashboard also on your mobile devices. It was tested on few android devices like Samsung S5 or Huawei Honor 7, on iPhone SE and on a Blackberry Z30 to cover every possible device you could own. The design is fully responsive, and you won’t be experiencing any issue.

The dashboard currently shows header which gathers all-important links as torrent adding input, last downloaded files, active downloads. It has a footer with less important links that you won’t usually use daily. In the header, you can access a dashboard, your files, current transfers and settings of your account. Or you can use a search bar that searches through your data that are stored at this storage. It is needed to mention here that Bitport encrypts their storage, which will protect your files from anyone’s influence. You are the only one that can interact with your files. Their encryption is one of the strongest that currently exists.

Your files are easy to manage. You can choose a matrix view, which looks like classical windows folders and files, or you can use a list view. Both of these options are handy, and it is easy to use them even with a significant number of files. It is possible to rename, move your data like in standard OS, and delete them. You can create folders and sort your files. Currently, there is no automatic sort which would sort your files for you and add them to folders which will represent their types like images, videos and more.

In your account, you have access to various settings like subscription option, where are all subscription-related things. Payment history or other parts of settings like FTP that are organised, and there is no issue with searching for them when you want to change something or use FTP. Premium users will have here also a few other options like Google Drive options and RSS settings. RSS is a way of automatisation your downloads, which is provided by a few of the trackers, and it automatically downloads new torrents you would like. The great example is an automatic download of a new distribution of your favourite Linux OS. It is also possible to combine sync to Google Drive and RSS together to have an RSS, which will download to your Google Drive. Something amazing for Chromebook users because most of their storage is on a Drive.

Premium Plans

Next, to your settings, you can find an upgrade plan button, which is for changing your current premium plan. Bitport has three premium plans. First one is called Small and cost $7 per month, or $5 for a month if you chose the year option. This plan is packed with a 30 GB encrypted storage and an antivirus check of all files you download to ensure your protection. You have access to RSS if you have any premium plan. There is no limitation on the number of torrents, and there is no limitation of fetching speed. Every data transfer is encrypted by HTTPS layer, which sometimes slows rate by an insignificant amount. You will be able to download up to 5 torrents simultaneously with Small plan. And of course, you will be able to watch your video files in high quality on all devices, or, if you chose it, in low quality, which is in all premium plans as well.

Another premium plan is the Standard plan. This plan costs $12 per month or $10 if you purchase the year plan. With Standard, you can use up to 100 GB of your encrypted cloud storage. Standard is the first plan that offers synchronisation to Google Drive with the only limit, which is 200 GB per week. This limit is fluid one and works like this. If you download 200 GB of files on Monday, the next Monday you will be able to download 200 GB again. But if you download 100 GB on Monday and 100 GB on Tuesday, then you will be able to download only 100 GB on the very next Monday. It is possible to access how much you downloaded in this week in your setting under Google Drive part. You will have an RSS Downloader build in as well. There is no limitation on torrents in one day, and no limitation in speed. All data transfer are secured by HTTPS, and every file is checked by antivirus software. And you can download up to 10 torrents at the same moment.

And then there is the Big plan. This plan will cost you $15 per month if you buy the year subscription, or $17 if you want to pay monthly. This plan has 250 GB of secured storage for its users, and sync to Google Drive with limit 1000 GB per week, which is enough for most of the users. It is about 3,500 CDs per week, which is an enormous number. The Big plan also has RSS downloader for automatic downloads. Any data transfers are encrypted with HTTPS, and all files are checked by antivirus for your security. You can download up to 20 torrents simultaneously, and there is no limitation in their speed. And there is no limitation in torrents per day either.

These are all current premium plans listed in the pricing list and are available online.

Free users have 1 GB of encrypted storage and one torrent per day. Because free users are not able to access the speed test, it is not guaranteed for them to have maximal possible speed.

Torrent download

Bitport supports a few ways of adding torrent files to the downloading queue. First one is uploading a .torrent file from your device. You can also use link to this .torrent file or magnet link. It is possible to use info hash.

After adding your torrent, you will be asked to select where you want to download your file to. It could be Google Drive or any folder in your private cloud. Afterwards, the fetching will start.

Fetching (downloading torrent file to your cloud) is done on Bitport side, which leaves no mark that you ever downloaded any torrent. This feature is a great workaround for people concerned with IP tracking or IP monitoring by any third-party like boss or government. The only IP address that is used in leeching your torrent is the IP address of Bitport server. Many factors influence the speed of fetching, but mainly it is influenced by seeds and technology of torrent client that is used by Bitport. Seeds have their quality because some seeders limit their seeding. The only variable you can control is the number of seeds. Speed of Bitport fetching is in most of the cases above average with the highest peak on 50 MB per second. Even when your file is poorly seeded, you will experience a fast service. The only case where they are not fastest is, when Bitport competes with similar services, that share files across multiple users. The reason is that Bitport doesn’t share anything with anyone.

Download to your device depends on the strength of the connection between the device and Bitport servers. There are many variables like your internet provider or geographical distance between servers and devices. Main servers of Bitport are located in Europe, which would mean that download speed would be slower in other parts of the world. That is why Bitport created a network of local servers all around the globe to ensure the fastest possible service. It is possible to choose the local server for yourself by using the Speed test option with premium plans. You can find this option inside your settings. In addition to downloading single files, it is possible also to download a whole folder as a ZIP.

Additional Features

Bitport has FTP access for every user. FTP stands for file transfer protocol, which is a standard network protocol for transferring files. You can find it on, and with FTP manager, it is a super handy way of downloading, deleting, and overall managing your data. The most popular ones like FileZilla, openFTP, Cyberduck or WinSCP are for free, and they will make already easy file management a lot easier.

For Windows users, there is a Sync client, which automatically downloads every file from your Bitport cloud to your windows computer. Currently, it doesn’t support deleting files. Simply said, you need to visit your Bitport clouds a few times per month to delete files, which are already downloaded in your personal computer. But because of this, the sync client doesn’t allow you to add new data for fetching. You can delete your files when you add new ones.

To simplify adding torrents to fetching queue, Bitport supports three browsers extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Opera. With these extensions, every magnet link you open will be added to the queue. Not only that, but you would be able to add torrents with two simple clicks. It is a huge time saver, and it is recommended for daily use.

Bitport also supports Roku, Kodi, VLC and Chromecast as ways how to enjoy the better option for streaming your videos. This feature could be used as a way of streaming on SmartTV, and a lot of users use it daily. These integrations are simple to use, and there is a guide on Bitport site for every extension. And if you are Apple user, don’t worry, because AppleTV is supported as well. For AppleTV of 4th generation users is there a super user-friendly app. For older AppleTV (because there is no app store build-in) you can use Airplay as a great workaround. Overall the ways how to stream a video are simple, usable, and cover a lot of needs you might have.

For Android users, Bitport has an app, which allows you to add new torrents, watch videos, download to your android device, and manage all files. For iOS devices is there a Bitport app as well, but this one doesn’t allow you to add torrents to your queue.

Bitport media player is great as the rest of their service. Not only you can watch your videos in quality you like, but you can also add subtitles to it. These can be added from the internet or the same folder as the video is. You can change the size of subtitles, and what is more important, you can set the timing of your subtitles, if you find the offset. This function is truly a lifesaving option.


In conclusion, Bitport has an excellent service, packed with a lot of features and well-thought integrations, which are always on point. Their cloud is strongly encrypted, and it is user-friendly. If you can manage folders in your Windows, Finder, or GNOME, you will be greeted by a similar cloud. Their speed is above average on all fronts, and their network of local servers is perfect for all users. Bitport is a reasonably priced service that covers all needs of any torrent fan. The reliability, security, and overall great design are reasons why is Bitport has a Gold rating from all online Bittorrent downloaders that currently exists.

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