Bitso is an Iran torrent downloader that works from your browser, and It doesn’t need to install any additional software. It doesn’t fully work on mobile devices and unusual monitor sizes. Sometimes different parts of their design could behave differently. It is more than ten times better to use a personal computer instead of mobile devices. Their page is made in two languages. First one is Persian. Their Persian page is almost the same as the main page of Bitport with a significant precision in cloning even small details. The second language is English, which has a different approach to design that looks simplistic to the bone, and it is nothing like the Persian page.

Bitso Preview

It looks more like homework that was made in the last ten seconds before sending it to a teacher. One could say that the significant difference between designs is vast because the Persian design was stolen from Bitport. You can dig more and find a lot of small details that work in favour of this argument. It is unknown if there is any action happening from Bitport’s side because it is clear that the copyright was broken and legal action should follow.

Torrent adding

You can add torrents multiple ways. One of the fastest ways is to upload a .torrent file followed by a direct link, and the slowest one is using a magnet link. An upload is more time-consuming than your baseline upload speed because their servers are located in Iran, which doesn’t have a good connection to most of the world countries. After adding your file to queue, the download will start. The first phase of downloading is fetching, which happens on Bitso side instead of yours.

This feature hides your IP address from any third party (boss, government or school), software like IP tracker or IP monitoring software. In law terminology, you are only requesting the service and not downloading any torrent or seed anything. All of that doesn’t happen on your side, and your private IP address is never shown to other parties. During this phase, Bitso torrent client will leech your torrent file on their servers. Speed of fetching depends on a number of seeds, that your requested torrent has, and on quality of their torrent client.

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Seeds and speeds

You cannot influence how good their client is, but you can add a file with a high amount of seeds. Seeding is part of torrent downloading where other users (that are called seeders), who have the finished torrent file on their storage, share parts of it with users of BitTorrent network, that download this very file. The number of seeds is important because the formula says, the bigger the number of seeds is, the faster the download speed is.

If the file has no seeds, it is called a dead or inactive torrent, and it is impossible to download it with any client from the BitTorrent network. It is recommended to use only files with higher numbers of seeds for best user experience. Results of testing show you how good is their fetching. Bitso fetching speed is below average with the download speed of 50 KB per second on a file with 280 seeds, and with the download speed of 20 KB per second on data with 20 – 40 seeds. All of these files were from public trackers because, during testing for this review, it was impossible to use private trackers.

Bitso Pricelist

Servers and storage

It is also possible to download your file from this storage to your device. This download speed depends on a few key factors. The main element is a route between you and Bitso servers. It is because the data you request has to go through this route, and if it is a difficult one, the download speed will be slower. This function could be explained like train trails. Your data file is transferred on these routes. The data must change ways on places called nodes to get into places far away. This travel significantly slows your download, and Bitso has significant issues with it. It is unknown where their servers are, but testing shows you, that it could be possibly Iran, and almost all Western countries have serious dropdowns in their speed. Using their service in North America is unbearable, and even Asia is not spared of the slow pace.

The sum-up

In conclusion, it is not entirely recommended to use Bitso. It is the worst copy of Bitport, it costs more, and it is not able to deliver most of the promised features from their pricing. Please, do yourself a favour and look elsewhere. You can read about better services on this site. 


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