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Boxopus is a friendly torrent downloader that suffered in the past with Dropbox’s API. It works in your browser, which saves you from downloading and installing any software to your computer or mobile device. This means you can theoretically use this web-based application on any device that can connect to the internet and can run a javascript. It is possible to use Boxopus on Android devices and iPhones, but Blackberry users will experience issues with elements of their design, which hurts their experience. These issues also happen on unusual sizes of monitors, which can be fixed by resizing your browser window or changing the resolution of your monitor to more common formats. Beware of curved monitors, because the design doesn’t look that good as on flat screens. 

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Currently, you can add a new torrent to your downloading queue by three different methods. The newest supported one is a magnet link support. Alternatively, you can use a link that leads to your .torrent file. If you have your .torrent file in your device, you can upload it to Boxopus, and Boxopus will download it for you. This downloading phase is called fetching, and it happens on Boxopus side.

Privacy is respected

That means your IP is never part of torrent downloading, which protects you against IP tracking by any third party like government, or your boss. This is handy for people with computers that are not theirs, like a library computer, or computer provided by the company you work at. In legal terms, you are completely safe because you are only requesting the torrent download, and you are never part of it. That protects you in case the torrent downloading is prohibited at your area.

Speed of this fetching depends on a few factors, but the main two are a client that is used for fetching, and the number of seeds. you cannot influence, which client is used in your fetching because that is in Boxopus’s control. But you have control over which file you decide to download, and how much seeds it has. Seeding (in nutshell) is when other users (seeders), who download the same torrent in the same or similar time, share fractions of the full torrent file with others.

Seeding process

Seeding is the baseline of the whole torrent network, and it is impossible to download torrents without it. That means fetching depends on the number of seeds. Boxopus’s fetching speed is an average one with a peak of 0.9 MB per second for a file, with more than 190 seeds, and an average rate for torrents with less than 20 seeds is around 50 KB per second. This speed is enough for downloading a full content single DVD (4.7 GB) in less than an hour and a half.

Boxopus Preview

You can also download your files to your device. Speed of this download depends on the strength of your connection to Boxopus servers that store your data. The strength of these connections is tied to difficulty of a file transfer, which is basically how long the route is, and on how many nodes it has changed “lines”. To explain this quickly, you can imagine it like rivers and the data as boats, that flow on these internet rivers. Sometimes you need a couple of ports to change from the first river to another one.

These ports are nodes, and with their number multiplying, your speed will drop down more and more. That is why this review strongly encourages you to use only highly seeded files. Overall, this download speed will vary based on your location, but if you are based in Europe or North America, your rate will be average. Different geographical places like East Asia, Australia, or African countries won’t have this speed, and if you are based in one of these locations, you will experience a lot of speed drop downs.

Boxopus Pricelist

Boxopus has created a friendly monster called Kodi plugin, which will simplify streaming of your videos on this media player. It works surprisingly good on all monitor sizes and even on SmartTVs. Android users can use a Boxopus app, which will allow you to manage your downloads and add new ones.


In conclusion, Boxopus is a good service with few flaws and a lot of spots where it could be improved in future. If you want a better option, which will be more powerful, please, check other reviews on this site.


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