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Bytebx is a torrent downloader that currently uses a label of cloud storage on its official webpage. Their webpage supports smaller screens, and it is accessible on mobile devices, and it works without bigger flaws. Right now, the only issue that was found is with pricing. It is done as an HTML table, and it doesn’t fully work on phones. The columns are in a different order than Bytebx initially designed it. This problem could be fixed, and it would make this service better for users using only mobile devices. 

Bytebx Preview

How to add torrents

Currently, you, as a user, can add a torrent for download with a direct link to any .torrent file, or with using a magnet link. It is also possible to upload any downloaded torrent file to Bytebx site as a way of adding it to a downloading queue. It is best to use a direct link, however, uploading a .torrent file is the fastest way, but you need to count the time you download the .torrent as well, and it uses a small fraction of your computer space, which could not suit you.

Magnet links are also okay, but sometimes it takes a few seconds to load torrent at the time of this review. After adding your torrent to download queue, the fetching (which is a first phase of the whole downloading) starts. During this part, your files are leeched on Bytebx side by their torrent client. It is connected to the BitTorrent network, and it does all of the hard work for you. None of the torrent downloaders is sharing a name and technology of their client to open public because it would hurt them. You, as the end-user, cannot change their client. But why would you want to change their client, you may ask? It is because the speed of fetching depends on two main factors, and one of them is this torrent client. The other one is a thing called seeds.

Fetch and also seed

Seeding is an act which is defined by the following facts in the next sentences. It is an action which means that another user, who already downloaded the same torrent, shares a portion of this torrent (that you download from BitTorrent network) with you. The whole torrenting stands on this spine and without it, a torrent idea would die. That is why it is crucial to seed (share parts of your file back to others), and why the big project should always seed.

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What about the speeds?

Bytebx currently doesn’t respect this message, and it doesn’t seed for its users. That sounds hypocritical because you cannot be a torrent downloader that doesn’t respect torrent idea in the first place. Seeds, or to be more specific, the number of them changes the speed of fetching. In the case that your file has no seeds, it is impossible to download it from the torrent network that currently exists. Rate of their fetching was tested on numerous tries and results will be presented to you right now. A speed of 0.3 MB per second was measured on files with over 100 seeds at the time of downloading, and the pace was also tried with files that haven’t had big popularity on network. Files with less than 20 seeds had speed around 40 KB per second, which is an average speed in today’s world.

Bytebx Pricelist

File transfers and servers reliability

There is also an option to download your file to your device for offline usage. Speed of this download depends on different factors than fetching. The main player is a route that your data must go through to appear on your device. These internet routes have different lengths, and it entirely depends on the geographical distance between you and server that you download from. This aspect could be simplified into a picture of a subway. Your data use different lines of the metro to access different locations. Sometimes, in order to access distant places, your data must change the lines that they use to travel. Positions where data change lines are called nodes. Your speed depends on the length and on the number of nodes that your data used; this is why users in North America will experience a slower pace than users in Europe. It is unknown to the public where are their servers located, but testing can show you that it might be somewhere in West Europe. Overall, their downloading speed is the average one, and it could use improvement.


In conclusion, Bytebx is a simple tool which gets the thing done, but it could use a lot of improvements. That is why you should look somewhere else if you want more than a simple download. You can read more about torrents on this site.


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