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Filesloop is a torrent downloader and cloud storage provider that works in your internet browser. It is currently a project in a beta phase; however, Filesloop hasn’t received any major upgrade since its launch. Their design is not very optimised for mobile devices, which goes in hand with theirs adds, which they use as a monetisation for their free users. On mobile devices with a smaller screen, it could cover more than 45 % of your screen, which, in addition to not fully responsive elements, would ruin your user experience completely. We fully recommend to only use bigger screens or monitors with Filesloop service. 

Filesloop Preview

Downloading process

At the time of this review is written, you can add torrents to your downloading queue via magnet links, direct links or with the unreliable upload of a torrent file. You can also add a link to one of the three supported hosts to slightly fasten up your download from Mediafire, Uptobox or Hugefiles, which are all the supported file hosting providers. In the past, you also could use Bigfile as well.

Alternatively, you can use their file search, which will leech content from torrent hosters, but currently, most of the connections are not working or not reliable enough to be useful. After adding your torrent, the fetching phase will start. During fetching, Filesloop torrent client will leech torrent that you requested on their servers. This function means that your private IP address is hidden from anyone. You can think about this as a shield that protects you from IP tracking or IP monitoring from any third party.

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Speed tests

If you ask any friendly lawyers, they would also tell you that you are not downloading any torrent, but only requesting it, and so that you are fine. Your IP address is never part of torrent downloading. Speed of fetching is tied to the technology of the client that leeches your file, and its seeds represent the popularity of this particular torrent. Seeding is an action when other users (seeders), who already have the file completed, share parts of this torrent with others, who are trying to complete it. By nature of torrent downloading, if your file has a small number of seeds, the download would be slowed down, and it would take a few moments to finish leeching.

There is a lot of dead torrents on the BitTorrent network, which are files that have no active seeds, and thus they are impossible to download. The testing must be done on a variety of files, to see how good is their torrent client, and to see the whole scale of fetching. On files that had more than 200 seeds, which is a high amount, it was possible to measure a speed of 50 KB per second as a medium speed, and it had a peak of 72 KB per second. Torrents with less than 20 seeds had an average speed of 35 KB per second and peaks were around 42-45 KB per second.

Filesloop Pricelist

Service reliability

As most of the competitors, Filesloop offers a download to your device. This feature is an essential part of user experience because if this download were slow, you would choose a different service. Speed of this download depends on the route that your files take to transport through to appear in your device. The difficulty of this route is the most important, and the main factor that influences this difficulty is a geographical distance.

If you are far from their servers, your data go through a long distance, and also change lines on a lot of nodes. Imagine it as a tram and tram routes. Downloading in the same location is by these reasons faster than on the other side of the Globe. Filesloop servers are somewhere in Europe because of the differences in speed that we have measured on a lot of files. We measured the slowest pace in India and China, but users in North America should expect a significant drop down. It is also true that sometimes your file could disappear from downloading list by the unreliability of the provider.


Filesloop is a simple tool that lacks a lot of features. File management doesn’t exist, and their core functions don’t work correctly for a recommendation. Please, do yourself a favour and treat yourself with better service. You can read about them on this site.


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    Have the search bar ever worked?

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    How to Google Drive

  3. Alan T. says:

    Looks like 1992 meet really bad design. Feels like Turing tried to torrent.

  4. dont buy says:

    No mention from 2015, slow, dead, dont work, dont buy FIlesloop, many reasons, scam

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