Foxleech is an online tool that aims to help you download torrents without the need to instal any additional software, and it works in your browser. Their design is responsive, which allows you to access your account on almost all mobile devices that currently exist. It is worth to mention that their design looks better on bigger screens. 

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Torrent processing methods

You can currently use various methods to add torrents to your download queue. First one is a direct upload of your .torrent file, which is usually the fastest way, but it also forces you to download this file for yourself. Another alternative is to add a link to a .torrent, which is slower because it forces Foxleech to download your data first, and then start fetching for you. It is also possible to use magnet links as a way of adding torrents. Foxleech also works as an aggregator service, that downloads content for you from a list of supported file hosting sites. After adding your file, the Foxleech will start fetching for you. Fetching is a download that happens on their website, more specifically on their private servers, that are armed with downloading client. This aspect never makes your private IP address visible. This layer of security keeps you safe from IP tracking or IP monitoring by anyone.

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Security and privacy

Even the government cannot see that you torrented because you never torrent in law terms. Your IP address is only requesting it from Foxleech, and then their IP address is part of it. Speed of fetching, which is a solid part of user experience, entirely depends on download client that is used, and on the number of seeds that your torrent has during downloading. To explain seeding, you need to know how torrents work. Other users (seeders) partially share parts of the torrent that they download. This trait is called seeding, and these parts are seeds. The number of them fully controls the speed of your download.

Speed tests

Fewer seeders mean slower download, if your file has no seeds, it is considered dead, and you can’t download it. Foxleech speed was tested with more files and it shows you that download speed for the file with more than 210 seeds had the speed of 1 MB per second. Files that are seeded more poorly have a slower speed and file with only 12 seeds had peaked on 42 KB per second. That is enough to download an entire Shakespeare’s life work in less than 4 minutes in Kindle format with images from Project Gutenberg. This is average speed in comparison with all their competitors.

Foxleech Pricelist

It is possible to download your file to a device of your choice. Speed of this download depends on the connection between Foxleech servers and your device. This route (that your files must go through in order to appear in your computer or phone) could be imagined as car routes. Roads are various internet connections, data are cars and crossroads are nodes, where data can change their route to other ones, which are sometimes obligatory, and it depends on the geographical location of yours. Simply said, the more you are far away, the less fast speed you have.

So if you downloaded in Australia, your speed would be lower than in other geographical locations because these are closer to Foxleech servers. If you go back to the previous analogy, it would mean that cars (which represent your data) would need to change at a lot of crossroads (nodes), and roads (internet routes/connections) are stretched into a long line. Location of Foxleech servers is unknown to the public, but from results of testing, it is possible to guess Europe or North America. In conclusion, their download speed is an average, and it could be something, that would use an upgrade to current service.

It is important to mention, that Foxleech doesn’t provide you with cloud storage, but only with a link for a download. There is also no record of your downloads, which means that you can easily lose your link by opening another webpage and waste all the time you waited for the download to finish. Beware of that.


In the last few words of this review, it is important to decide. Do we recommend to use Foxleech as the leading torrent downloader? Currently, it is not entirely approved, but it could be a handy tool in some instances. There are just plenty of other better options, and you can read more about them on this page.


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