Megabox is an online based solution for people who look for simplistic torrent downloader, and who don’t want to install any software to their devices. Internet-based solutions are great for Chromebook users, people who have school or company computer in their hands. They did their design for mobile users as well, which means that you will be able to use their service on mobile devices with a few issues that you must endure to use it.

Megabox Preview

Torrent processing

You can add torrent in many ways, but it will take a longer time to appear in your downloading queue. You can use direct URL link to the .torrent file, magnet link, or upload .torrent to Megabox. They are also working on creating double sync, which will allow you to upload any file to your cloud. After a few seconds, the fetching part of the whole downloading will start. This means that Megabox torrent client will download torrent on your behalf on their servers with their private IP address. Your own private IP address won’t be shown to anyone, which means that you are protected from IP tracking by a third party that could be interested in monitoring your online activities like a boss or a government. In law terms, you are protected as well because you are not a part of torrent downloading, you are only requesting it, and their client does it for you.

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Fetching, seeding, speeds

Speed of fetching depends on the number of seeds that this very torrent has and on the client that downloads it, which you cannot influence, but you can request fetching of files with the only high amount of seeds. Seeding is a crucial part of the BitTorrent network. It means that other users with complete torrent share parts of this file with you when you are downloading it. They are providing a portion of your file every second to you, and without them, torrenting won’t be possible. If the file has no seeds, it counts as a dead one.

Megaboxme Downloader

For maintaining the best end-user experience that is possible, you should use files with over 100 seeds or more. Megabox service was tested on many files in the sake of pursuit of the truth. The results show you that file with over 200 seeds had a speed of 70 KB per second on average, and the highest peak was 90 KB per second. Files with a lower amount of seeds were slower, and the highest peak for torrent with less than 20 seeds was 42 KB per second. Average speed with this number of seeds was around 35 KB per second. To visualise this speed a little bit better, imagine, that you are downloading a graphical program Gimp 2 that has 56 MB, you will wait less than 27 minutes to fetch it successfully.

Privacy and anonymity

The other important part of user experience is downloading to your device. More importantly, you want the fastest speed, so then you would have everything that you need immediately. Rate of this download depends strongly on the route that your files have to go through. Yes, there is also the possibility of limitation for this download speed by Megabox or your internet provider, but why would they limit their service? You can visualise these problematics easily if you start thinking about downloading as a data transfer.

Megabox Pricelist

Transferring something from place A to place B is tied to difficulty of the route between them, and downloading works the same way. Imagine a line of any public transport. Sometimes to reach places that are far away from you, you must change lines on some platforms. This analogy also plays a part in your data transfer, but on the internet, the platforms are called nodes. As was written before, the geographical location is the key. It is unknown where Megabox has its servers, but there is a possibility to guess their position from the speed of downloading, which would lead you to somewhere in northern Europe because the pace was fastest there. In addition to that, the slowest download was in places that are far away from Europe, more specifically Brazil, New Zealand, West parts of North America, China and Taiwan.


To sum up it for you, Megabox is an average torrent fetcher that could use a lot of upgrades to its service to be a better service. Your interaction with your files is strictly limited, and the overall features are not that great in comparison with other brands on the market. If you want service, which will be faster, better, nicer and richer in functions, please, read about the recommended services on this site.


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