Messenger themes and story archive

Facebook messenger has made an effort to make it much easier, for the users this year, to convey the holiday vibe with AR filters, star wars, and the new story archive feature.

Facebook recently released a set of holiday-themed AR filters on messenger for users to express their spirit of holidays. Now available on the messenger camera, facebook has done its homework, since in the  US Christmas was the number 1 emoji sent back in 2018, surpassing the New Year and Valentine’s Day. Seeing the trend, facebook acted on it, showing the support for its community to make it easier to share the spirit of Christmas. Now you can use the magic of AR filters to make it snow even when it’s not really snowing. To access the filters, tap on the camera icon in the messenger app and swipe left to select your suitable holiday filter. Aside from Christmas filters, there are also a number of new reaction animations to convey your feelings in realtime.

Messenger also released the new star wars theme, which seems to be very popular amongst users and on the internet. Users all around the world are now hyped for the feature. To get the theme make sure to have the latest update from 9th December 2019 (version Once you’re updated, open the messenger app, go to a friend’s profile or a group profile and select the theme option. In the theme option, there are lots of themes, from where you’ll be able to find and select the star wars theme. That’s it, after a few seconds, the conversation theme will be successfully changed to the star wars theme, pretty simple.

Facebook also added a new messenger story archive to revisit all your stories and special moments. Facebook stories archive was added to messenger back in July 2018, but despite this integrated feature, messenger didn’t have any archive functionality. But now, facebook took action on it, now not only can you post stories, but also watch them, even when the stories are expired. To enable the feature, tap on your profile picture, select the stories tab and turn on the “archive stories” option. And if you already have it turned on, tap view story archived to relieve and repost your stories.

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