New Edge Chromium to be launched on 15th January

Microsoft has set the date, 15th January, for the launch of its new Edge Chromium browser. Since last year, Microsoft has started working on the Edge Chromium. Will the new Edge Chromium be a big success or will it be another one of Microsoft’s failed browser projects?

Since the last Edge browser that came with Windows 10, Microsoft has been doing intensive research and development for coming up with its successful browser. Last year, after admitting the Chrome browser to be superior to the Edge, Microsoft adopted the chromium engine in its latest browser project, like in the saying, “if you can beat them, join them”.

Now, Microsoft, after a year of development and feedback from its Edge Beta, Edge Developer, and Edge Canary version users, has finally come up with a release date. Said to be released on 15th January 2020, it will be the first stable release of Edge Chromium, though it is not sure whether or not if it will be a finished or an unfinished release.

The development of Edge Chromium is also not in the traditional development route that Microsoft uses. Unlike other browser developments, this time Microsoft released 3 different early versions and updated them for bugs and crashes very frequently. At the end of the development cycle, it is said that the three versions, the Beta, Canary and Developer versions will be complied to one single release version.

Not only did Microsoft adopted the Chromium engine, but it improved upon it. The new Edge Chromium will be more resource and memory efficient than any other Microsoft browsers, and that it will even be more battery efficient than Google Chrome. After such development, even Google is now threatened by the capabilities of the new Edge Chromium, to such extent that Google is starting to make even more improvements to its Chrome browser.

But unlike Chrome, Edge Chromium will be more focused on user privacy. There will be more privacy-oriented settings from Edge Chromium than in Chrome. Microsoft has stated that users of Edge Chromium will be able to turn off all data collection options and be safe from every kind of data collection methods from the company, virtually Microsoft will have no information about its Edge Chromium users.

After knowing all these features, users are hyped up and have their fingers crossed to see if the new Edge Chromium will be able to live up to its expectations.

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