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Premiumize is a premium torrent downloader, which works entirely in your browser without installing any additional software on your computer or installing any other application on your mobile phone device. That is important to say because Premiumize can be used even on smaller screens, and there are only minor issues with their responsive design, which were found out during intensive testing. Usage on computers or laptops is better in many ways because the dropdown menu (on a mobile device) that you need to use all the time is not a dropdown menu, instead, it is a header which will give you full access to all features of your premium account on Premiumize.

Premiumize Preview

Torrent files processing

You can add torrents via different methods, which covers adding a link to a .torrent file, magnet link, and uploading your .torrent file. File upload is usually the fastest way, but the Premiumize has an exception in this. Uploading to their site is fast, but using direct link could be one and a half times faster than upload in some cases.

This advantage would be possible if all files could be shared across multiple users, but there is no information about it at all. It is also possible to add a link to NZBs, links to file hosting servers and more. That is because Premiumize is also an aggregator service, which collects related items of content, and displays them or provides direct links to them. After adding a torrent, the fetching phase starts. Fetching is a downloading your torrent on their servers, in a nutshell. Premiumize servers will do the torrent download with their IP address on your request.

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In legal terms, you are never part of downloading, and even in technical details, your IP address is never part of downloading. That means you are protected from IP tracking or monitoring by third parties like your boss, school, government or anyone other. Speed of fetching depends on technology which they use for downloading, and on seeds that your file has at the moment of the fetching. Seeding is action when other people (They are called seeders), who download the same torrent at the same time, share parts of their torrent. The higher amount of seeds equals the highest rate of sharing, which will speed up your download, and, of course, a lower amount of seeds partially divide your speed.

Speed tests

That’s the reason why it is recommended to use only higher numbers of seeds, to have a bearable downloading experience. The speed of Premiumize fetching is an average with a rate of 0.9 MB per second for highly seeded files, and around 42 KB per second for the data with less than 30 seeds. This speed is relatively good. It will download a new ia64 Debian archive in a less than seven hours.

If you decided to download your file from cloud storage to your computer, your speed would be influenced by the route that your data travelled, and on how many nodes they “changed” directions. You can imagine the data transfer as you go on for a walk only on public roads, and sometimes to continue your walk, you would need to change on crossroads (nodes). Due to this fact, the geographical distance is an integral part of your download.

Servers stability

Premiumize servers are located in the Netherlands, which is the reason why your download speed in Europe and North America would be good, but in Brazil or South Africa you would experience small drops, and users in Malaysia or Australia would have more significant decreases. The overall rating is that this speed is a good and average one, but could be improved in future for better reliability.

Premiumize Pricelist

Premiumize offers a few advanced features for its premium users. The first one is their VPN. It hides your internet identity from others, and you can also download Usenet files. The good thing is that your storage works as double sync, which means you can upload your data to it. And of course, the aggregator service, which can fetch content from the full list of supported file hosting sites.


Overall Premiumize could look like Swiss internet knife with their variety of features and possible uses. Currently, in most of these features, they are not great, but more as an average provider, which is why it is recommended to use better services, in many cases like torrent downloading. Please, if you are interested in how much better can torrent downloading be, read the rest of the reviews on this site.


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  1. globs says:

    vpn is not fsat Premiumiue do track me in vpn? I am worrid

  2. L says:

    There customer service is appalling. They issue tickets which is not monitored quickly, a long process

  3. ophantom says:

    Will they add chrome extension? Others have it.

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