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SonicSeedbox is a seedbox that aims itself as a simple, secure and user-friendly service for people of all skill levels, that are fans of the torrent idea and require seedbox services. Seedbox is different than torrent downloaders because instead of only downloading and seeding for a limited time, seedbox services prioritise seeding over downloading.

In most cases, their fetching and direct downloading speeds are sacrificed to save bandwidth for seeding. You can use their services on Android devices, iPhone/iPad or Blackberry phones without any significant flaw. Their design is responsive enough for daily use, and all testing that was done found no threat to user experience. It is easier to use their service on computers, simply because not all mobile devices browsers have support for javascript, and without it, you cannot use their service at all. 

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How to add a torrent file

All of these terms will be explained in the next paragraphs. Currently, you can use SonicSeedbox database of torrents to add a new one or use a direct link to add a new file to the list of all data, which sometimes doesn’t work as it should, and you won’t always be able to download it to your Cloud. After successfully adding your torrent, the fetching phase will start. During fetching SonicSeedbox, torrent client will leech your file on their servers.

By nature of this downloading, you are protected from IP tracking or IP monitoring by any third party you can imagine because your private IP address won’t be shown in torrenting. You can imagine it as a layer which shields you and hides you from any prying eyes, that would want to catch you downloading torrents. In law terms, you are also protected because you are not downloading any torrent. You are only requesting it, and their service does everything on your behalf. Speed of fetching depends on client that SonicSeedbox uses and on seeds your file has.

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Fetching and seeding

Seeding is an important part of the BitTorrent network, and without it, torrenting would die. To explain seeding, please imagine the following scenario. Seeders (users who already have your torrent completed) share parts of your torrent across the network at the same time you are downloading it. You are downloading pieces of the file from them, and if there were a lack of them, your download speed would be slow. In case your data has no seeds, you can not download it because there is nobody who would share the files with you.

Usually, a torrent downloader would prioritise download, but seedboxes save bandwidth (amount of data that are downloaded or uploaded) for seeding your files to other users. Please, always read Terms when you are looking for seedbox because there is a lot of people who paid a fee for poorly secured seedbox service. Their fetching speed is a slightly below average with the highest peak on 90 KB per second for files that have had around 170 seeds at the time of downloading, and speed around 40 KB per second for files that have had below 20 seeds. This rate is enough to download an average LP with 11 average size songs in less than 17 minutes.

SonicSeedbox currently seeds in ratio 3 or 5, which is their maximum. That means they share a full file three or five times with other users on the BitTorrent network.

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Service reliability

You can also download a file to your computer. Speed of it represents the difficulty of a route that files must transfer through, in order to be in your device. If you download from far away, your data must travel greater distances, and the download speed will be slower. Some internet routes even force data to change tracks on nodes (servers), and with a more significant number of these changes, you could be waiting longer for it to finish. This process is tied to geographical distance from servers of this service. Location of SonicSeedbox servers is unknown, but you can guess it is somewhere in West Europe or eastern North America because in these spots download is the fastest from all tested locations. Speeds in Australia, New Zealand or Japan are unbearably slow, and South Africans will face a lot of speed related issues.


In conclusion, SonicSeedbox is an average seedbox service and slightly below average torrent downloader. Their speed is not competing against their competitors, and there are services that simply do everything better and faster. But it does its job and if you plan to download torrent once per a long time, SonicSeedbox can be possibly used. But If you want a faster, more reliable and overall better service, you can read other reviews on this site.


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8 responses to “ review”

  1. Ajay Sharma says:

    just one word it sucks big time

  2. Paul says:

    It has not been seeding consistently – down for past few days.

  3. avoid this one says:

    rookie plan, 300 mb with 42 seeds, after 10 hours still 0 %…

  4. garbageJoe says:

    Do they still stop seeding after file is downloaded?

  5. B says:

    Cheap (+ discounts)

    – Slow DL Speed
    – Can only upload 4 torrents at a time through their web GUI
    – Dashboard is always not responsive most/some of the time.
    – Service gets disrupted intermittently from time to time i.e. unreliable.

    Given the price after discount, it appears fair. Unless you required to seed multiple small torrents to gain tracker points in the long run – which is based on the number of torrents you actively seed, other seedboxes are definitely better. And again, you can only “upload 4 torrents” at a time through their interface, which is very inconvenience.

  6. osmosis says:

    Unhappy with seeding, worst seedbox ever used

  7. harpher says:

    tried for 2-3 days, can uploaded only like 1-2x of file’s radtio, honestly my pc at home is so much better.

  8. Tom Williams says:

    Absolutely the worst site of this type I have ever tried. I purchased a one month subscription to try the ‘service.’ I used a 76 GB torrent with over 2500 seeders and around the same in leechers. The torrent took TWO DAYS to finish on the site. By contrast, I started the same torrent on at the same time and it was finished in two minutes and 18 seconds. This site doesn’t automatically zip the files for you as does. You have to manually instruct the site to zip the torrent for downloading. It took over two hours to zip the files. Probably because it was trying to compress the already ultra compressed files. Now the biggest fail… I have a Gigabit fiber pipe to the internet… the fastest download speed from this site was 53 megabits or around 5.3 megabytes per second. So much for high speed… avoid this one. The prices are cheap for a reason. You get what you pay for

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