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Streamza is a torrent downloader which specialises in video playing and works from any browser that you use as a way of interaction. It is poorly accessible from mobile devices, and you are strongly advised to use a computer or laptop as your primary device with Streamza. There is a lot of graphical bugs on phone version, and a lot of elements doesn’t work.

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You can currently add torrents only with magnet links, which are called magnetic links by Streamza Admin, this could be confusing for some users. It would be good to have a way to convert a direct link or a .torrent file to the magnet on their site, but that is not possible at the time of this review. After adding your torrent with magnet link, the fetching starts. Fetching is a part of downloading when your torrent is leeched (downloaded) on Streamza servers.

Fetching is done on your request, and it also protects your private IP address because, in the fetching process, only the Streamza provider’s IP address is shown. In a law point of view, you are safe as well because you request, and then you are not part of any action with torrenting. This feature protects you against any third party IP monitoring or tracking because they can’t see that you are the requester.  However, Streamza works differently than most other competitors because they have one central server (simplification), and they share content across multiple users account.

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Fetch, seed, download, speed

Fetching on Streamza doesn’t download a file to your cloud, but it downloads data to its server, and you are provided only with access. This aspect also means that you can use a feature called “Instant”, where you can find other files saved on their server, and you can “instantly” add them to your cloud as well. Other users have this ability with your data as well, and you can even rate how much you like this or that file. Speed of this fetching depends on two main factors, seeds and Streamza torrent client. You cannot change which client Streamza uses, but you can influence seeds.

Seeding is an important baseline for torrent downloading, and it could be defined as the act when other people on BitTorrent network also download the same torrent file, and they are sharing parts (seeds) of this file with others. This description is how torrenting works, and without seeds, it is impossible to download any torrent. Streamza is no different than other sites. At the time of this review creation, their fetching speed was slower than average in comparison with other providers of torrent services. It could be due to the technology behind Streamza because a highly seeded file (over than 400 seeds at the time of downloading) had a speed around 120 KB per second at its peak. Files that are seeded lower, are even slower, and it is possible to see the speed of 32 KB per second for 20 seeds. Instant downloading, which is duplicating file from someone else, is faster, and it only depends on the size of the data you are copying.

Privacy, security, reliability

Downloading speed from the Streamza cloud is another significant part of user experience, and it entirely depends on the route that your files need to take to get into your device. This route can be visualised as a plane route from one airport to another one. Sometimes, when these planes need to cover vast distances, they are forced to “change” on airports. These are called nodes on the internet, and they work as multiplayer to the slowness of the data transfer. It is possible to simplify this into a small formula, saying, that the speed of your downloads depends on how far you are from their servers. These speeds were tested with a VPN to change the distance from Streamza servers. Results show us overall that their download speed is not the best. It had a lot of drops everywhere, except for Europe. Please, beware of using Streamza for downloads in Brazil or Vietnam, and countries around them, their speed is plodding. 


In conclusion, Streamza is not a very reliable service, it has a lot of current issues, and they have problems to solve them. A lot of controversies is also around their lifetime subscription and about their customer service. This review finds Streamza as a slightly below average torrent downloader, and it is recommended for you to look elsewhere. Please, read reviews and find the perfect service for your needs.


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    When is the new streamza ready?

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    movies containet many errors, lost images do not have a work buffer.

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