Torrentsafe is a torrent downloader that also provides cloud storage for its users to store torrents within. This program is browser-based, which means it works in your internet browser, and you don’t need any additional software that would take away storage space of your device. The fact that you are not software limited means, that there is a potential to access this service on all devices, and thus it is a solution to people who don’t have access to torrent clients on their devices. Fortunately for end users, Torrentsafe thought about it, and created their design responsive enough to be used on most of the usual devices with usual screen sizes, but beware if you are users of the unique device or bigger phone like Blackberry, which does have inconsistencies and small issues that make your usage a little bit less enjoyable.

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Download options

Torrentsafe has multiple download options which support different ways of adding the file to a download queue. You can use a direct link or magnet link, which are the main ways of adding torrents these days, or you can go for uploading a .torrent file. Please, be aware of the fact that if you cancel your download, their system will read it as a cancelled one, even if you try downloading it in future. This dealing with cancellation is an unusual way, but it is worth mentioning. After you add your file to download queue, something that is called fetching will start.

Fetching is a name for an act when their torrent client will start downloading your file to their site for you. Fetching also usually works as privacy protector because your private IP address is not part of downloading at all. It also means that you are protected from IP monitoring or IP tracking by any third party during the actual torrent downloading, and thus it is impossible to tell if you torrented or not. But Torrentsafe doesn’t protect data transfers by encryption, which is a reason why they recommend using a VPN service, to ensure the highest privacy.

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Seeding and download speeds

In a law speak, you are protected as well because you, as a physical person, are never part of downloading, but there is a torrent client that does leeching on your request. Speed of fetching should be one of the biggest concerns for you because who wants to wait for one file hours when you can have it in a few minutes? It is important to know what plays a part in the speed of it. The critical factor, which you can’t directly control, is a torrent client that Torrentsafe uses for the actual download. The other factor is the number and quality of seeding. Maybe you are asking what is seeding, but don’t worry; you will be briefly introduced to it here.

Seeding is the name for an act when a user on BitTorrent network, who has already completed torrent file that you are downloading, shares parts of this file with you. This sharing is the baseline for whole torrenting, and without it, there would be no torrent at all. It also means that it is not possible to fetch a file without seeds because there is nobody to share the file with you. You can create a recommendation to use only highly seeded data. Testing of their speed was done on multiple files to gain the whole picture of their speed. Using files with more than 250 seeds gives the ability to measure the speed of 100 KB per second as the highest peak, and the usual pace of 40 KB per second for most of the time. Torrents that are not that popular, and had only 20 seeds and less, had a speed of 20 KB per second as average, and the highest peak that was measured was on 40 KB per second. This speed is an average, with current torrent downloaders.

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You can as well download your file to your device. Speed of this download depends on the strength of the connection between you and their servers. If you simplify how internet and networks work, you can say that this represents the geographical distance between you and them. If the distance is longer, files have to go through a longer route, and thus the time has to be longer than with the shorter way. As most of their competitors, they don’t share the location of the server room, but you can guess that it is somewhere in Europe because the speed drops are slowest there. Please, beware that China, Australia, South Africa, and Malaysia have significant dropdowns in speed, and sometimes your download could be canceled.


The last paragraph is to conclude if this service is recommended or not. Torrentsafe is downloader that has the average rating mainly because of current limits and speeds. Yes, it can get the job done, but if you want reliability, quickness and design that is user-friendly, you can treat yourself with a better provider of the service. You can read about the best picks on the current market on this site. Please, do yourself a favour and go for the best one to avoid frustration. 


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