Twitter to Remove Inactive Handles

Twitter is a significant part of social media. It has very many users worldwide. For this reason, if it were to be shut down today, very many people would be very disappointed. Twitter is significant since different people use it for various purposes. Some use it for marketing their products while others use it to communicate with their friends and family. Some use it to express how they feel about the trending issues in their country and the whole world at large. Some people were to be locked out; it would cause a massive disturbance in the world. It just comes after Twitter announces that it will begin to shut down some accounts starting December.

For them to conduct this process smoothly, Twitter is sending emails to owners of inactive accounts to log in to them as soon as possible. Otherwise, they will be first in line as they undertake the severe move. Twitter’s management has recently come out in the open to express that they are delaying the process of developing a system that will help to identify accounts of people who have died. It has said that the process will take some time since such an order does not exist; thus, their developers have to sit down and come up with one.

Twitter says that the whole process is aimed at encouraging more and more people to use Twitter. For your account not to be shut down, you do not have to send tweets. You need to log in to the report, and your account is safe. Twitter explained that the process would not take place in just one day, but it would take place over a few months. Therefore if you have not logged in to your account in over six months, you should take care because your account has high chances of being shut down.

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