Where to Torrent Textbooks

Are you a hard-working student and want to expand your knowledge? Do you prefer to learn from the textbooks in the digital form? Do you know what torrenting means and how it works? Do you download torrents for your personal needs? Are you searching for some textbooks? Well, if you answered YES on all of these questions, let me help you out because there is not faster and easier way how to find some academic stuff you need on the Internet.

Where Can I Find Websites for Textbooks Torrents?

If you are used to downloading torrents, you undoubtedly know, that BitTorrent is a very useful and effective technology used to share some content – either legal or illegal (copyrighted material), that can get you in trouble. You have to be really aware of what and from where you are torrenting, while it can carry some risks. I always recommend using a VPN or other security tools that can hide your IP address so that you are sure your downloading is safe.

There are many websites on the Internet offering free content of any kind, but not each of them are legal, so you have to be really careful which one you choose for your personal needs. If you have none or a minimum experience, I recommend some of the following websites below, so you don’t have to worry about your security and enjoy the downloading as much as possible.

List of Textbooks Torrents

These are my TOP 3 websites for legal torrents where you can find textbooks for free!

1.   Academic Torrents

The first website for torrenting textbooks I would like to mention is not so known Academic Torrents. On this website, you can find more than 35TB of data, which is enormous! It is a pity not many people know about it because the idea of this project is really amazing.

Academic Torrents is a distributed system designed for sharing files for researchers by researchers, provided by anyone to everyone. It means you can download some torrents you need and upload a material you would like to share at the same time. It allows a facilitate storage of data like datasets or publications and thanks to the BitTorrent technology the speed of downloading is super fast.

It also allows users to share the content of any size much quicker and as long as at least one person can become a seed for that data. I recommend using Academic Torrents for many reasons like the fact, that even when the library’s system would be broken, the other universities may be involved in obtaining these data into the hands of researchers.

2.   LibriVox

This project started in 2005 and was inspired by the AKMA’s audio volunteer project based on the audio recording. Behind the LibriVox project stand many volunteers all across the world, who help to create the open-minded community. If you are interested, you can be hired as a volunteer as well because if you have a computer and a microphone, you can record an audiobook and have some fun and a whole new experience.

As this website says, the motto of LibriVox is “to make all books in the public domain available, for free, in audio format on the internet.” That means that in LibriVox you can download all of the material for free.You can find there many files in various areas like Education, Science, Philosophy, Mathematics, Technology, Literature, Psychology and others. The download speed is also high enough, so it is one of the best options you can choose.

3.   Internet Archive

The third option for legal and free textbooks is Internet Archive, where you can find more than 12 thousand textbooks of any kind from its collection through torrents. If you are looking for a textbook like an Anatomy of the Human Body, English Literature or A History of Greece, this is the right place.

Their database is growing quickly because all the new material in the archive is offered as torrents and the older ones are added continually. Internet Archive may impress you with a clean interface and minimum ads and the latest variety of any content. It is really easy to use, so you can find the torrent you like really easily and download it at high-speed. Internet Archive belongs to one of the best sites for legal torrenting in 2019.

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