Xiaomi released the latest MIUI 11

MIUI 11 has recently launched to all the latest Xiaomi smartphones. Released back in October 2019, it comes with the latest Android security update and all the new features and designs. So today we will look at the top 6 new features and changes in MIUI 11, let’s get started.

The first biggest change that you’ll notice is the change in design. Starting from the icons, to the fonts, to even the settings pages, there have been significant changes. The overall design looks a lot modern, slick and simplified. Compared to the MIUI 10, MIUI 11 is a nice upgrade in design.

Now, in MIUI 11 you get the always-display-on feature, called the “Ambient Display”. In the settings, you can turn it on and set your preferred clock design, so in Ambient Display mode, it’ll show the clock with the battery percentage, date and notifications (if you get any).

There are tons of new notification features, especially the sounds of nature as notifications. You also get glowing lights as notifications in the Ambient Display mode.

The MI File Manager app got a noticeable upgrade. You can now preview files and documents before opening them. The app itself looks way better, more simplified and just makes it a lot easier for looking files, videos or photos.

MIUI now supports floating windows and message alerts. You can now use a few apps and also get messages in floating windows when you’re in the middle of using an app, so you don’t have to exit the app.

Battery savings mode has made a huge improvement in MIUI 11. You get a “Universal Battery Saving” mode that will turn down a lot of battery intensive apps. Its a really good option if you’re low on juice and need to save some battery. There is also an “Ultra Battery Saving” mode which will turn down virtually everything and also the brightness of your screen. You can also schedule power on/off times as well.

So, overall MIUI 11 has made great improvements as an operating system in general. Xiaomi has given an effort to respond to the communities, and now everyone is happy with all the new features and design upgrades.

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