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Zbigz is torrent downloader that is here for you anywhere you have access to the internet. It works without any downloaded software. You open Zbigzs page, and there is the option to download your torrents. Zbigz doesn’t fully support mobile devices and unusual monitor sizes. Footer covers important links if you use it on a mobile device. Free users have 30 % of their screen cover in Ads, as a way to monetise free usage, which is bearable but encourages you to buy a premium option. 

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Torrent processing

Adding torrents is quick and smooth. You can add them with a magnet link, info hashes, link that goes directly to the .torrent file, or by uploading a .torrent file if you have it in your device. Magnet links and info hashes are slower, the fastest way is to use the .torrent file directly, but that requires to download the file first and then to upload it to Zbigz. This process will start fetching, which is the first phase of downloading your torrent, and it is done only on Zbizg servers. That works as a layer of protection for you because your private IP address is never shown in downloading, instead of it, they use the address of their servers as the actual downloading place. Simply, your IP is never downloading any torrent, you only request a download, and the remote server of Zbigz does it for you.

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The law, the seed and the speed

In law terms, you don’t download any torrent. Speed of this fetching depends on a few key factors. There are two main ones: a torrent client, which is used by Zbigz and seeds. You can not change which client Zbigz currently uses, but you can influence seeds. Seeds are other users who share parts of the same download between each other. If there are more people called seeders, downloading the same file at the same time, the fetching will be faster than if the number is smaller.

The pace is the reason why it is recommended to download files with high amounts of seeds if you want quick fetching. Speed of Zbigz fetching is an average in a current torrent world. The fastest speed was 1.2 MB per second for files with over 200 seeds. This speed is fast enough to download an entire movie for an evening, during family dinner time. Torrents that were seeded less during the time of review had an average speed of 84 KB per second, which is slower, but it is still enough to download an average song (3,5 MB) in less than one minute.

Privacy and security questions

There is also the second part of the whole process, which is download from Zbigz servers to your device. This speed depends on the route that data need to go through to “meet” you. Internet routes can be imagined as water pipes, and on places where these pipes meet, are allowing points, where water changes its direction from one pipe to another. In the internet world, these are called nodes and the number of nodes depends on the rate of this speed because if data had to change on a lot of nodes, it would multiply its slowness.

The meaning is, in most of the parts of the world, you will have good average speed, but in some geographical locations (which have a more challenging route from server to user device) like South Africa or China you could experience a serious drop in your download speed, and that can hurt your experience. It is recommended to use some downloading manager with larger files because these drops can hurt your download, especially if it is a larger file that could be dropped down.

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The feature that is needed to mention is sync to Google Drive, which will give you all ways of interaction with your files, that are not currently supported by Zbigz, like rename, or to move them (which helps in sorting them and creating a system in them). Zbigz also created chrome extension as a way of simplifying the download process, which allows you to add torrents with one click.


In the last few words, it is needed to mention that Zbigz is an average tool on the computer, but under average on mobile devices. You can read on this site which competitors are better and why.


Download Speed
Ease Of Use
Customer Support

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2 responses to “Zbigz.com review”

  1. worst thing ever says:

    Cheap. Corrupts all files. Dont like it, nobody can help.

  2. Pedro Navaja says:

    If you are considering buying Zbigzs, let me tell you something. Their customer support doesn’t care about you, they see you only as walking wallet. The service has many bugs and many issues and nobody cares. That is the sad part. Dont buy them.

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