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Zevera used to be an online torrent downloader and cloud storage provider, but in April 2018 the original team abandoned this project, and all seemed lost for this service. Fortunately, a new team picked up this domain and created a new torrent downloader from scratch. This new team built a new project with the old database. Currently, it is possible to access Zevera on mobile devices, but it is easier to use it on a personal computer, or a laptop with a larger screen than 13”.

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Torrent adding step-by-step

Adding torrents is possible by various methods which cover the following ones, adding a link to a .torrent file, magnet link, and uploading your .torrent file. Using a .torrent file is usually the fastest way, but the results of the test show you, that direct link is slightly quicker. You can also add an NZB file, or a link to file which is hosted by one of the supported file hosting servers. The reason is that part of Zevera code works as aggregator service, which fetches data or content for you. List of these supported sites covers a lot of possible interests that you could have.

After your torrent is added to a queue, your downloading will start with its first phase called fetching. Fetching means that Zevera’s torrent client will start leeching (downloading) a torrent file which you requested on your behalf. Fetching also provides you with a layer of security because your IP address is never part of a torrent downloading. In legal terms, you only request it, but you are not taking part in it. The fact that your IP address is hidden also means, that you are secured against any IP tracking or IP monitoring by any third party like a school, a boss or a government, which could be a reason for using this web-based software. Speed of fetching is an important part of user experience, and it depends on two factors. First one is a technology of Zevera client, which is used for fetching, and second is another important factor called Seeds. 

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Need for speed

Seeding is an act when other seeders (users), who download the same torrent file in a similar time, share a part of this torrent with other users on the BitTorrent network. Without this sharing, it is impossible for torrenting to survive, and if a file has a small number of seeds, the download will be harder, and sometimes, if there are no seeds whatsoever, it won’t be even possible. This speed was tested on a lot of files, and results are: files with a high amount of data (it was around 200 at the time of fetching) peaked on 0.7 MB per second, which is an average speed for this seed amount. Testing file with only 20 seeds showed the fact that the download speed is average on the whole scale. The pace was around 40 KB per second, which is also a speed that could download an average mp3 file in less than one and half a minute.

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Servers stability

You can also download a file to your device from your cloud, which is provided by Zevera. Speed of this download depends on the route, that these files have to take, to reach your device from Zevera servers. This route can be represented as a pipeline, and sometimes the water needs to change these pipelines in order to reach a place that is far away. This change places are called nodes, and with a higher number of nodes, your download speed can lower. In a sum up, how far you are from their servers will decide, how sluggish your speed will be.

Results of the whole testing, which was done with a VPN to change the location for every file, show you that in Europe your speed will be the best from all their speeds. Overall it is not the quickest download that is in the market, and users from South Africa, Vietnam or Brazil won’t be satisfied with it because in comparison with Europe your speed will be significantly slower. A drop down in download could appear even in North America.


Overall is Zevera a useful tool, but it could use improvement in a lot of places. There are currently better options that offer more features, better speeds, and more delightful design. You can read about them in my other reviews.


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